Monday, March 30, 2020

Hey, Gentlebeings!

Just a quick note to say that I am thinking about you all and wishing you well. I am hard at work adjusting and streamlining our learning for the next few weeks so that you might better be able to learn and thrive in this slightly different model.

I will be contacting your families towards the end of the week to check-in, and make sure you all have my email address. If you HAVE it, can you send me an email with your personal address, so I can include you directly as well? And tell your peers about this post!

In the meanwhile, things that you can be doing, as I've had a couple of emails:

10's: Read your novels. If you neglected to bring it home from school, I know that all three are available through iBooks and I believe Amazon Kindle as well. RPL has both TKAM & The Help as  downloadable audiobooks. This should take you through until next week when things should be getting started.

L&L: Incentive: Put the finishing touches on your novel project. You can use your smart phone to take pictures of anything that is not text-based next week. If you don't have that capacity, we'll figure something out.

L&L: Mainstream: Finish your Graffiti of your lyric. Write 10 sentences/Lines using any of the devices we've studied so far. If you have an iPhone you can actually scan your work using the "notes" feature. If you don't, clear photos will do for next week.

 I&S: Both: Make sure your notes for your topic are done by the end of the week, getting in touch with each other virtually or over the phone. Don't worry about the presentations. I'm happy to see what you got done but focus on the notes.

Take good care of yourselves.

Less Than Three,
Mrs. K

Friday, March 13, 2020

Weds./Thurs/ Fri


10's: Explore the concept of voice and use 'home' by Warsan Shire as an example.


8I: Novel study due no later than April 1st

8M: Reviewed Graffiti of "Stupidity Street" and worked (mostly finished) graffiti of song lyric. Due March 30th.



10's Reviewed how Warsan used poetics to create and share her voice. Chose three short essays to reflect on.

Mrs. K

Tuesday, March 10, 2020


I8:Work on notes/lesson

10's: Read a novel.

M8: Work on note/lesson.


I8: Work on novel project
M8: Work on Graffiti of the text.


Friday, March 06, 2020


I8: Worked on novel projects.

M8: Worked on how to Graffiti or decode a poem. BRING A SCHOOL APPROPRIATE, PRINTED ON PAPER LYRIC YOU LIKE on Tuesday. Or else have one assigned.

Mrs. K

Thursday, March 05, 2020


I8's & M8's: Second of three research blocks for Middle Ages topic. First period used time fairly well, third block was a bit of mixed bag. You will need to do homework if you did not meet your goals for the period.

10's: In class Shakespeare essay.

Mrs. K

Wednesday, March 04, 2020


I8: Worked on novel projects. Reviewed how to record hours for MYP service.

M8: Worked on learning how to break apart a poem. You have to finish going through the Graffiti process for homework.

Mrs. K

Tuesday, March 03, 2020


I8: Essays in. Work period for medieval presentation.

10's: Survey and time to prep outline for Thursday.

8's: Work period for medieval presentation.

Mrs. K